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The objectives of this ethics portal are to catalyze group involvement in shaping the bioscience-bioethics momentum and to build a dynamic teaching and learning resource.

Bioscience ethics facilitates free and accurate information transfer from applied science to applied bioethics. Bioscience ethics’ major elements are:

  • increased understanding of biological systems,

  • responsible use of technology,

  • curtailment of ethnocentric debate in tune with new ecological/medical insights.

Bioscience ethics democratizes scientific advances to promote the development of fully informed secular ethics – colloquially referred to as bioscience-bioethics.

Friendship informs us about the subtleties of love and caring – universal prerequisites for a just, participatory society. To fully participate in modern life, it is essential to consider scientific research and its applications alongside informed ethical consensus.

Co-operation implies the gradual blurring of divisions between human and animal life in adaptively regulating human behavior. The overall intention is to reflect on ways of deploying science and technology ethically in the service of cultural and environmental wellbeing. Significantly, co-operatives are based on democratic principles using elements of true altruism, generosity and open-mindedness.

This site invites participation in the search for heightened awareness whether through curiosity-driven scientific studies or from freely tapping into the collective wisdom. By sharing information and harmonizing creativity, we are responsibly participating in our right to have an opinion about what happens in the world.

Check out the Co-operation Paper (in pdf format) to find out how Nature evolves by way of cooperation.

See the latest in Bioscience Ethics education in the young, with Irina Pollard and Amara Zintgraff's new work, "Bioscience Ethics Education Curriculim for Pre-Schoolers to Elementary Age Children."



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